The Teachings of the Ascended Masters


        The Teachings of the Ascended Masters offer a divine opportunity to understand the true purpose of life, the return back to God in the Ascension. The Ascended Masters teach us that through mercy, love, and discipline we can reach a higher consciousness in understanding and master the everyday challenges in our lives. They also provide the tools - decrees, prayers, songs, fiats, meditations - that help us transmute the negative thoughts that pull us away from our God Source.  Saint Germain, El Morya, Jesus, and Kuthumi are recognized masters who sponsor students in these Summit Lighthouse Mystery School Teachings. 



                                                   Mark Prophet


                                                Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Teacher, author, messenger prophet-- Elizabeth Clare Prophet's unique role stretched beyond the normal boundaries of the teacher-student relationship. With her late husband Mark, now the Ascended Master Lanello, she founded The Summit Lighthouse, a world-wide movement sponsored by the Ascended Masters, as a vehicle for the release of their teachings for the betterment and upliftment of mankind.  In her role as messenger she received thousands of messages from the ascended masters.

        Mrs. Prophet described the process whereby she received these messages from the masters and angels.  “I receive this prophecy through the power of the Holy Spirit in the manner of the ancient prophets and apostles. When the transmission is about to take place, I enter a meditative state and attune with the Lord God or his representative. The Lord’s Presence or that of an Ascended Master, a cosmic being or an archangel comes upon me, and the words and the light flow in a power and a personality not my own.

        “This congruency of my soul with the living Word of God I call a dictation, for the words are being dictated to me even as I am speaking them in the vibration of the divine speaker. It is truly a divine happening of which I am but the instrument. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit and not something I can make happen……. The only way to describe this experience is to say, in the words of the prophet: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me.”